Why Should You Study Physics?

“Everything happens for a reason. And the reason is mostly Physics.” This particular quote has been doing rounds on the internet, with a bunch of geeky teens posting it on social media in an attempt to sound cool. While it is great that Physics is getting some attention in the age of the Kiki challenge and memes, there is still a lot of reluctance among students towards studying physics.

If you are one of those who feel that physics is being imposed on you by the curriculum or wonder what’s the point of it all, here are 5 solid reasons why you should study physics.

Physics is interesting
It might sound contradictory to many, but physics is interesting. If taught by a teacher who loves the subject, physics can invoke curiosity to understand how things work, which would eventually make it interesting to study for students. Once you grasp the reason behind a certain scientific phenomenon, physics can be engaging.

Physics is challenging
Everyone will agree that physics is an amalgamation of complex concepts that challenge your learning ability. Most students hate physics for being a tough nut to crack, but one should study physics for this precise reason. Physics challenges your intelligence. It throws curve balls that your mind finds hard to comprehend. In short, physics makes your mind feel alive and kicking, pushing it to its fullest potential. Once your brain learns to face the challenges thrown by the complexities of physics, it becomes equipped to learn anything under the sun with ease.

Physics gives perspective
Don’t you love a movie or a book that changes the way you see things in life? Well, physics does exactly that. Physics makes you question everything and helps you see mundane, routine events in a new light. It gives you a perspective of why things happen a certain way and helps you appreciate the laws of nature.

Physics is useful IRL
One of the arguments that students give for not studying physics is “Where will I use this learning in real life?” Though physics concepts seem useful only for scientists and researchers, truth to be told, physics is useful in every walk of life. Physics defines the way your car and other machinery work. Physics is the reason why your favorite color exists. In fact, it is physics that pulls you down and keeps you grounded.

Physics can shape your future
Becoming a pilot or an astronaut is probably the most common childhood dream. And it is physics that can give wings to these dreams. Since the need for innovation and exploration never ceases, and physics plays a pivotal role in research, physics can open doors to many career options. Physics, when combined with your field of passion, can propel you to achieve your goals and shape your future.

We hope that this article acts as a catalyst in changing your views about physics. If you still feel physics is not your cup of tea, we respect your decision. But if you think you can give physics a second chance, it can whet your curiosity and open up new avenues for you!

Tell us what you like or dislike about physics in the comments below!

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